Day-Night Hockey Festival. Term 3

As always there were a gajillion photos taken in the vain hope that there would be a few pictures we could share here. The late afternoon into early evening lighting does not bode well for amateur photography.
There were 3 clusters of 4 dots that followed through on all the photos and most of the video clips – did you spot them? I think we should call them the little angels watching over our team as they played against the various school.
Our little team did very well, we are so very proud of them!
(ps Rob has become quite the vocal cheerleader on the sideline, dont you think?) 

2 thoughts on “Day-Night Hockey Festival. Term 3

  1. I remember doing the day-night thing when I was in school in Natal – it was fun and I remember loving the cooling of the day to the evening. I can even remember the smell of the evening – I'd forgotten all this, thanks for reminding me 🙂


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