So, on my post Sock Wool last year… last month, I had mentioned that I was considering New Years Resolutions (of sorts) for the year. I had given up on them so far back – that in truth I was kind of at a loss as to how to go about starting them all again. Then the very lovely Finding What I Am Looking For suggested I have a look into OneWord365.

I am ever so glad that I did. The whole concept behind it just sings to me. It didn’t take me long to come up with my Word, but it has taken me a few days to feel it and set my intention for the new year. To go forth with intention in all that I set out to do every day of this year. I intend to be more present in everything I do and with everyone I am with.

This piece from Living With Intention by M.Tamara really resonates with me.

Truly living with intention involves engaging all of your energies and strengths, not merely your mental ones. It means activating your inner helpers, however you get them out of bed. It means both affirming what you want and being satisfied with being on the journey. It means honoring your intention, even if you have not yet reached your goal.

Living with intention means pushing your comfort zone, but it also means appreciating every nuance of your life, and appreciating yourself for being conscious as you live it. It means recognizing that the act of envisioning itself, that moment of connecting with your intention, counts as much as the more visible actions that you take. The first step to making your world different is imagining it so, and envisioning yourself in the new paradigm.

Living with intention means persistently and actively affirming your goals. Not merely so that you don’t forget or diminish their value when you face a challenge, but so that you are sending out into the universe your connection with both process and outcome.

…. read more >HERE<

It really is a beautiful word isn’t it. Not only does it ring true in all things magick but in life and how one lives. I truely hope to focus on that.

At the end of this calendar year, I hope to come back to this post and be able to show how I added intention into my life each day for the year. So, here is to living a life less out of habit and more with intent.

Do you have your Word?
hugs a plenty all round.
Angie xx

2 thoughts on “INTENTION

  1. This 'one word' guidance for the year appeared last year and I was quite taken by it but for one reason or another never did anything about it. This year, I think is probably a very good year to find my 'one word'. I am never short of words, too many in fact, so to narrow down my waffle to one good word to live by is going to be hard! I need to think – and I will let you know!


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