Greeting, Merry Meet and Welcome to all the new faces that have popped on by while I was changing, growing and morphing(not only myself as a human but another new baby human too).

I think the last “original” update was back in 2014 when I received my Witchy Blog Award and from there a whole shebang of mystical magickal happenings (some good and few bad) took hold of my little cottage and the humans that steward its land. But, I think I can now say that with all that has happened, I have grown, changed and come out a brighter and sparkling (slightly older and maybe a little wiser) Witch for it, and against all those odds I was also given a small baby girl wildling to nurture and grow and teach the ways of the wild and olde to.

Isn’t it amazing how being chosen to do such a profoundly exhilarating task changes your perspective on life and the way things should be?

If you flip a few post back there are a few updates I have exported from another “socially acceptable blog”. All kind of wishy washy, fluff, while flying low under the radar. But, in all seriousness, there just is not enough of us talking out loud around these parts. We are all still part of a taboo. Strange, isn’t it? When we live in a world filled with religions that accept small human and animal atrocities. I will not go into that, this is not what this blog is about or what I am about.

This is about me, a pagan, a witch, raising my wildlings – the best way I know how – on a ¼ acre of land that I steward with my significant other, alongside a little stream, aside a forest in a lush part of Africa.

This is not about Disney’s Hocus Pocus or Hollywood’s The Craft, (although those are such fun!) this Is real, this is us as humans growing and learning and finding that magick in the changing of the Seasons, in the love for our Home and our Tribe. It’s about how we use the tools that Gaia has graciously bestowed upon us and how we nurture that and be thankful.

That is the magick. That is the magick in the mundane!

I have printed a little Mabon activity from our favourite Little Pagan Acorns for Garren for the celebrations today and to our dinner I’ve added seasonal squash and warm stewed apple for a little sweet pudding. A perfect starter food for our little Danika and a little magickal intention added to our meal for this celebrated turn of our Wheel of the Year. Pine cones are our choice of décor as they are falling all around our land this season.

That slight chill to the air has finally arrived, and as I climb into cupboards and start pulling out our warmer (much to small) clothing and bedding and flip through ideas for new knits to keep my needles busy with and think of hearty meals to fill my wildlings bellies with, I am comforted with the thought that all my tribe is safe and warm and home and with their Mama and Papa.

I am BLESSED. Thank you, Hestia!

Merry Mabon my Friends. (or if you are north of us a blessed and prosperous Ostara to you and yours)

May you look upon this Autumn Equinox the second harvest, the day of balance and remember that what you reap you too shall sow (in all things).

How will you be celebrating this equinox?

Look at this last quarter Moon as a time to starting thinking about all that you need to release, let go of and forgive.

It is almost time to think about embracing new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts and changes you wish to invite into your life this coming New Moon.

Let’s find the Magick in our family, the Magick in our home and land.

Let’s find the Magick within each other.