Knitted Spring Bunny.

The days preceding have found my now chubbier looking fingers knitting up a little something for our little human due earth side in the not so distant future. I had left over baby knit from the slip on booties I made in the beginning of this adventure. This little bunny reflects all things Spring don’t you think? And, I must add that its so super fast and easy to knit up too. I am not taking or making any claim to the pattern – but for the life of me I can’t find the picture tutorial that was once shared on my Facebook wall and I thought it would be so super sweet to share this for you to give it a go, if you would like. My Bunny Project will be on Ravelry and as soon as I know who to give credit to I will be sure to share it there.

Spring Day Bunny.

Plain knit (or garter knit) a square.

Fold in half and make a rough stitch through the center.

Keep stitch going from the one end to the center of the top first row and then back down to the other side of the center.

This should make a triangle through the top half of the square.

Where the piece of yarn meets at the one corner of the triangle meets slowly pull both sides together to for the head with the ears.

Before tightly pulling the piece together add your filling and then sew up and fill and sew together what is left of the outer edges to form the bunny body.

I will be leaving said bunny plain with no added adornments as it will be for our new born litte one.

You on the other hand can now go crazy-town on eyes and a pretty little bow and whatever your heart desires.

I thought this would be lovely for Easter gifts too – too early to be thinking about that? Nope – never to early!