Magickal Cooking

It is a fact of life that we have to eat to survive. As such, why not use this daily function as a method for working magick?magickal recipes

Actually, many people, regardless of their belief system, use magickal cooking a lot. How many mothers feed their children tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (both foods have healing correspondences) when they are home sick from school? How often have you indulged in some chocolate ice cream (for love and lifting spirits) to boost your mood after a fight with a loved one? The foods themselves correspond to the intent in both of these scenarios and these examples are actually using magickal cooking!

One of the beautiful things about magickal cooking is that you are limited only by your imagination and the ingredients you can obtain.

I do hope this page will provide the building blocks to create magick in your kitchen 🙂

Transforming Your Kitchen into a Sacred Space.

Before you begin working your kitchen magick, you will want to transform your kitchen into a sacred space. Historically, kitchens have held a place of great honor in the home and fire has always been considered sacred, so the kitchen doesn’t have far to go to become sacred in your home as well.

The first thing you will want to do to create your sacred space is clean the kitchen. It doesn’t sound very magickal, but nothing muddles up magick like catching a glimpse of the dirty dishes stacked in the sink or slipping on a dirty floor. You may also wish to add to the ambiance of the room by growing some herbs on the window sill (which also makes them handy for including in your food and further charges the herbs with your energies) light some candles, open a window and let fresh air in, or even have some special music playing.

Perhaps you will keep a special wooden spoon that you only use for magickal cooking, rather like a special kitchen “wand.“ You may also wish to cast a magick circle, invoke a hearth deity or two, or maybe say a blessing. Do whatever that will put you in the mood to make magick.

Magickal Cooking Tips

Magickal cooking is based on sympathetic magick, the idea that like things can influence each other. It uses different foods to represent the outcome you wish to achieve. Like any lists of correspondences you might encounter, if something sounds wrong to you, or you have different associations with something, go with what you feel is right, not what you just see written somewhere.

It is also good to note that you do not need to have an elaborate feast to perform magick in this matter. A simple snack can be just as effective if the intention is there. Even if you do have a large dinner planned, the whole meal does not need to revolve around your purpose.

When deciding what sort of food to prepare, don’t forget to make something you like. You aren’t going to be able to focus on your intention if you are trying not to gag on a food you can’t stand! At the same time, try to eat primarily healthy foods. While there are some exceptions, most foods that are bad for your health are useless magickally as well.

In addition to what you are going to prepare, how you prepare it can make a difference in the energies of the food as well. For example, for protection dishes, fried foods, hot foods, and spicy, hot dishes all work well. For strength, you may with to sauté your food or prepare something spicy. Flaming foods are good for strength and steamed food is good for purification.

Before you begin cooking, hold the ingredients you are going to use and visualize your goal, charging it with your energies. As you prepare the food, keep this intent in mind. Since the magick is in the intent, it is not recommended that you try to perform your magick when you are tired, grumpy, or sick as it would be too easy for some of this negative energy to seep into your spell working.

If you are preparing a meal for others in addition to yourself, take care to not load the whole dish with your intention (just your portion) without their knowledge and consent as this could be considered manipulative magick. Keep the magick going during the meal as well by continuing to visualize while you eat.

Don’t get discouraged if your cooking spell doesn’t work right away. Most spell work takes time and you may even need to make several meals before you see it come to fruition.

Baked Goods & Grains

Baking is a wonderful opportunity to create magick in your kitchen. Especially when kneading bread, you have a great chance to infuse your food with your magickal intentions. In fact, bread making itself is considered by many to be a sacred act and can be a ritual in itself.

With many baked goods, such as breads, muffins, pies, cakes, or pastries, you can change the energies of your food by changing flavors or fillings. Several examples are given below, but the possibilities are endless! With things you can form into different shapes, such as cookies, pancakes or breads, you can further strengthen your intentions by forming them into a shape or symbol of what you are looking to achieve.

  • Barley ~ fertility, grounding, healing, love, lust, pain control, prosperity, protection
  • Bread ~ (in general) kinship, sustenance
  • Dill ~ bread love
  • Egg ~ bread fertility
  • Garlic bread ~ protection
  • Pita bread ~ spirituality
  • Seven-grain bread ~ prosperity
  • Twisted bread ~ protection
  • Brownies ~ love
  • Buckwheat~ grounding, prosperity, protection
  • Cake ~ (in general) celebrations, hospitality; also varies by flavor
  • Birthday Cake ~ prosperity
  • Wedding Cake ~ fertility, love, luck
  • Cookies ~ (in general) nurturing, love
  • Sugar Cookies ~ shape to determine goals
  • Crackers ~ grounding
  • Gingerbread ~ love, prosperity
  • Corn ~ cycles, eternity, luck, protection, spirituality
  • Lentil~ peace
  • Millet~ prosperity
  • Noodles ~ long life
  • Oat ~ grounding, prosperity
  • Pancake ~  luck; can be made from different ingredients or in different shapes for different goals
  • Pie ~ (round–in general) spirituality (square–in general) prosperity
  • Apple pie ~ healing, love, peace
  • Apricot pie ~ peace
  • Banana ~ cream pie prosperity
  • Blackberry pie ~ lust, prosperity
  • Custard pie ~ spirituality
  • Chocolate cream pie ~ love, prosperity
  • Coconut cream pie ~ spirituality
  • Cherry pie ~ love
  • Key lime pie ~ love, purification
  • Lemon pie ~ love, purification
  • Mince pie ~ luck, prosperity
  • Peach pie ~ happiness, healing, love, wisdom
  • Pecan pie ~ prosperity
  • Pineapple pie ~ healing, love, prosperity, protection
  • Pumpkin pie ~ healing, prosperity
  • Raspberry pie ~ happiness, love, protection
  • Rhubarb pie  ~love, protection
  • Strawberry pie ~ love
  • Pretzel ~ protection
  • Rice ~ fertility, lust, prosperity, protection
  • Rye ~ fertility, love
  • Tortilla ~ protection, spirituality
  • Waffles~  friendship
  • Wheat ~ fertility, grounding, prosperity


  • Apple ~ element of earth, happiness, healing, love, peace, success
  • Apricot ~ love, lust, peace
  • Avocado ~ beauty, love, lust
  • Banana ~ fertility, love, luck, potency, prosperity, spirituality
  • Blackberry ~  healing, lust, prosperity, protection
  • Blueberry ~ peace, protection
  • Cherry ~  female sexuality, happiness, love
  • Cranberry ~ protection
  • Date ~ spirituality, strength
  • Fig ~ lust, prosperity, strength
  • Grape ~ dreams, fertility, mental powers, prosperity
  • Grapefruit ~ cleansing & purification, healing
  • Guava ~ love, purification, relieving sorrow
  • Kumquat ~ luck, prosperity
  • Lemon ~ faithfulness, friendship, happiness, longevity, love, marriage
  • Lime ~ cleansing & purification, healing, love, peace, protection
  • Mango ~ love, lust, protection
  • Melon ~ healing, purification
  • Mulberry~  fertility, protection, psychic awareness, strength, wisdom
  • Nectarine ~ love
  • Orange ~ fidelity, healing, love, luck, peace, prosperity, purification
  • Papaya ~ love, protection
  • Passion fruit~  kinship, love, peace
  • Peach ~ happiness, healing, fertility, longevity, love, wisdom
  • Pear ~ longevity, love, luck, lust, prosperity
  • Persimmon ~ happiness, healing, luck
  • Pineapple ~ chastity, healing, love, luck, prosperity, protection
  • Plum ~ love, lust, protection
  • Pomegranate ~ creativity, fertility, fruitfulness, hospitality, luck, prosperity, wishes
  • Prickly Pear ~ protection
  • Quince happiness, love, protection
  • Raisin ~ mental powers, sun energy
  • Raspberry ~ happiness, love, protection, stamina, vigor
  • Star fruit ~ protection
  • Strawberry~  intensity, love, luck, romance, success
  • Tangerine ~ protection
  • Watermelon ~ healing


  • Alfalfa sprouts ~ prosperity
  • Artichoke ~ growth, protection
  • Asparagus ~ lust
  • Bamboo ~ luck, protection, psychic awareness, wishes
  • Bean ~ decision making, grounding, love, lust, prosperity, protection
  • Beet ~ beauty, love, passion
  • Broccoli ~ leadership, protection, strength
  • Brussel sprouts ~ endurance, protection, stability
  • Cabbage ~ luck, prosperity, protection
  • Carrot ~ fertility, grounding, luck, lust, vision
  • Cauliflower ~ protection
  • Celery ~ grounding, lust, mental powers, peace, psychic powers, weight loss
  • Chives ~ breaking bad habits, protection, weight loss
  • Cucumber ~ chastity, fertility, healing, peace
  • Eggplant ~ prosperity, spirituality
  • Endive ~ love, lust, physical strength
  • Kelp ~ weight loss
  • Leek ~ love, physical strength, protection
  • Lettuce ~ chastity, peace, prosperity, protection, relaxation, sleep
  • Mushroom ~ psychic awareness
  • Olive ~ fertility, healing, lust, peace, protection, spirituality
  • Onion ~ endurance, healing, lust, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection, weight loss
  • Pea ~ love, prosperity
  • Pepper green ~ growth, prosperity
  • Pepper red ~ energy, strength, vitality
  • Pepper yellow ~ empowered creativity
  • Pickle ~ weight loss
  • Potato ~ compassion, grounding, healing, protection
  • Pumpkin ~ healing, prosperity
  • Radish ~ lust, protection
  • Rhubarb ~ fertility, love, protection
  • Soy ~ protection, psychic awareness, spirituality
  • Spinach ~ prosperity
  • Squash ~ spirituality
  • Sunflower ~ protection, success
  • Sweet potato ~ grounding, love, lust
  • Tomato ~ healing, love, prosperity, protection
  • Truffle ~ love, lust
  • Watercress ~  fertility, mental powers, protection


  • All nuts ~ fertility, love, luck, prosperity
  • Acorn ~ fertility, healing, luck, prosperity, protection
  • Almond ~ healing, prosperity, wisdom
  • Brazil nut ~ love, prosperity
  • Cashew ~ prosperity
  • Chestnut ~ love, metal powers
  • Coconut ~ allure and confidence, chastity, diversity, flexibility, protection, psychic awareness, purification, spirituality
  • Hazelnut ~ fertility, luck, mental powers, wisdom
  • Macadamia ~ prosperity
  • Peanut ~ grounding, prosperity
  • Pecan ~ employment, prosperity
  • Pine nut ~ love, physical strength, prosperity
  • Walnut ~ healing, infertility, mental powers, protection, wishes

Dairy, Eggs, & Meat

Some people view the consumption of animals and even animal products as a violation of the Wiccan Rede, so there is not much to be found on the correspondences of these types of food. However, for those of us that do consume these products, there is no reason that they cannot be used to put some extra oomph into a magickal meal.

  •  Beef ~ grounding, prosperity, protection, strength
  • Butter ~ smoothing relationships, spirituality, tenacity
  • Caviar ~ lust
  • Cheese ~ grounding, healing, joy, things coming to fruition
  • Chicken ~ grounding, healing, protection, strength
  • Crab ~ lust, protection
  • Deer ~ elegance, grace, protection, refinement, strength
  • Egg  ~fertility, lust, protection, spirituality, strength
  • Fish  ~love, lust, psychic powers, strength
  • Ham ~ dramatic energy, grounding, protection, theatrical flair, strength

Ice cream depends on flavor :

  • Butter pecan ~ employment, prosperity
  • Chocolate (including chip, fudge ripple, etc.) ~ love, prosperity
  • Coffee ~ mental powers
  • Neapolitan ~ love, prosperity
  • Praline pecan ~ prosperity
  • Strawberry ~ love
  • Vanilla~  love
  • Lamb ~ sensitivity, kindness, strength, warmth
  • Milk ~ Goddess energy, love, nurturing, spirituality
  • Pork ~ grounding, fertility, strength
  • Sausage ~ grounding, protection, variety, zest
  • Shellfish ~ lust, psychic awareness
  • Turkey~  family gatherings, grounding, protection
  • Whipped Cream ~ prosperity
  • Yogurt ~ healing, spirituality

• Alcoholic
This is not to say that if you don’t drink, you should start, but if do anyway, this information may be useful to you. Remember, to use moderation if you do drink, and keep in mind that getting drunk will impair your ability to perform magickally. If you are under the legal drinking age, don’t drink, no matter how mature you think you are. AND NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DRINK AND DRIVE!

  • Apricot brandy ~ lust
  • Beer ~ purification
  • Blackberry brandy ~ lust, prosperity
  • Champagne ~ lust
  • Cognac ~ lust
  • Crème de cacao~  love, prosperity
  • Crème de menthe ~ purification
  • Kirsch~  love
  • Kummel ~ health, protection
  • Mead ~ love
  • Rum ~  lust, protection
  • Tequila ~ lust
  • Wine red~ celebrations, joy
  • White wine~  love

• Non-alcoholic

  • Chocolate Milk ~prosperity
  • Cider ~ healing, weight loss
  • Coffee ~ mental powers, physical energy, strength
  • Juice ~ energy, psychic awareness, purification, rejuvenation, vitality, can also vary with type of juice
  • Cranberry ~ juice protection
  • Grape juice ~ weight loss
  • Orange juice ~ purification
  • Lemonade ~ love, purification
  • Milk ~ love, nurturing, spirituality
  • Tea c~ ourage, mental powers, prosperity, restfulness, strength
  • Tisane ~ varies depending on specific herbs used
  • Water ~ purification

 Cooking Herbs and Spices
Herbs and spices not only add flavor and an extra kick to the flavor of your food, they can add a lot of energy to your magickal workings as well.

  • Allspice ~ determination, energy, harmony, healing, prosperity
  • Anise ~ love, protection, psychic powers, purification
  • Basil ~ love, peace, prosperity, protection, understanding
  • Bay ~ healing, protection, psychic powers, purification, repels negativity, strength, success
  • Black Pepper ~ banishing, cleansing and purification, protection
  • Caraway ~ anti-theft, healing, love, luck, lust, mental powers, prosperity, protection, trust
  • Cardamom ~ increases strength of unions, love, lust, peace
  • Celery seed ~ grounding, lust, mental powers, peace, psychic powers
  • Cinnamon ~ healing, love, luck, lust, peace, protection, psychic powers, strength, success
  • Cloves ~ courage, love, lust, money, protection, repels negativity
  • Coriander ~ healing, love, lust, mental powers
  • Cumin ~ anti-theft, happiness, fidelity, peace, protection
  • Curry ~ protection
  • Dill ~ love, lust, mental powers, prosperity, protection (especially of children), weight loss
  • Fennel ~ healing, protection, purification, strength, weight loss
  • Garlic ~ anti-theft, banishing, cleansing & purification, healing, lust, prosperity, protection, repels negativity
  • Ginger ~ adventure, cleansing, healing, love, lust, power, success
  • Horseradish ~ protection, purification
  • Lemon grass~  lust, psychic cleansing and opening
  • Licorice ~  fidelity, love, lust
  • Mace ~ mental powers, psychic powers, self-discipline
  • Marjoram ~ cleansing & purification, happiness, healing, prosperity, protection, repels negativity
  • Mint ~ communication, energy, healing, love, lust, prosperity, protection, travel
  • Mustard seed ~ courage, endurance, faith, fertility, mental powers, protection
  • Nutmeg ~ confidence, emotional openness, fidelity, healing, luck, prosperity, social interaction
  • Oregano ~ energy, joy, peace, strength, vitality
  • Parsley ~ domestic tranquility, energy, luck, lust, prosperity, protection (especially of the home and from accidents), purification
  • Peppermint ~ change, healing, love, lust, psychic powers, purification, sleep, strength
  • Poppy Seed ~ abundance, fertility, love, luck, prosperity, sleep
  • Rosemary ~ cleansing & purification, healing, love, lust, mental powers, protection, sleep, youth
  • Saffron ~ abundance, happiness, healing, leadership, love, luck, lust, prosperity, spirituality, strength
  • Sage ~ cleansing & purification, healing, longevity, mental powers, protection, psychic powers, wishes
  • Sesame Seed ~ fertility, love, lust, prosperity, protection
  • Thyme ~ courage, healing, love, psychic powers, purification, sleep, strength
  • Turmeric ~ purification
  • Vanilla ~ joy, love, luck, lust, mental powers

Other Ingredients & Miscellaneous Foods
Herbs and spices not only add flavor and an extra kick to the flavor of your food, they can add a lot of energy to your magickal workings as well.

  • Apple cider vinegar ~ healing
  • Baking soda or powder ~ raising energy or expectations
  • Candy ~ prosperity
  • Carob ~ love, prosperity
  • Chili ~ protection
  • Chocolate ~ lifting emotions, love, prosperity
  • Corn Syrup ~ luck, protection, solidifying plans or ideas, spirituality
  • Flour ~ revealing hidden matters, consistency
  • Gravy ~  consistency, smooth transitions, uniformity
  • Honey ~ happiness, healing, love, lust, purification, spirituality, sweet things in life, weight loss, wisdom
  • Jelly ~ energy, joy, pleasantness
  • Maple Syrup ~ prosperity, love
  • Marzipan ~ healing, prosperity
  • Nachos ~ protection
  • Olive oil ~ spirituality
  • Pizza (cheese) ~ peace & happiness
  • Popcorn ~ lifting burdens, recreational activities
  • Salsa ~ protection
  • Salt ~ cleansing & purification, grounding, protection
  • Soup ~ communication, psychic awareness, steady change
  • Soy Sauce ~ protection
  • Sugar ~ love
  • Tofu ~ protection, psychic awareness, spirituality, strength
  • Vinegar ~ protection, purification
  • Yeast~  grounding, purification



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