walking the forest

When we woke on Sunday the sky was all the shades of grey. It looked like the clouds would at any moment open to a light hazy drizzle. Perfect weather for a lazy Sunday and busying myself about the kitchen (which is my most favourite thing to busy myself with). But by about 10am the clouds parted to show a beautiful sun filled sky. The boys were ecstatic, we would be walking the forest!

I did not make it all the way to the top of the steep hill (as I had promised myself that I would do again). I sadly got halfway up the steep bank when I felt that black wave of vertigo take over. Panicky I turned and with the wobblings that had taken over my legs made my way back to the path with Garren and Joshua not far behind and then we met up with Rob and Tristan there. I am kind of disappointed with myself – I know that I can do it, I did it last weekend. Oh well, I can try again next weekend – right?

We did find new growings on the path though – Spring is coming and I am feeling so blessed that we are getting to watch it happen as we meander through the paths along the hillside. What is not exciting to see is that someone thought it would be perfectly ok to dump their rubbish in our little piece of happiness!

Rob had mentioned through the week that he had seen a black car driving along the edge of the forest. We get to see much of the goings on from where we are situated. Whether it be you are walking your dogs, riding your bicycles and often a group of offroad motorcyclist head on through – we see it. This black car did not belong here. Why would it be driving along here? Well now we know. To those who know me, they know I am not shy to name and shame especially when you have done something so very wrong like dumping your rubbish were it does not belong! We all have our garbage collected from outside of our houses every Tuesday – there really is not excuse. I sigh……

Right then…. moving on……!
I have to add that I am so extremely proud of my family! I am sure you can see why. It took four black bags to clear the mess up – and not one groan while they went about it. I think they secretly enjoyed the investigation into “who-would-dare-to-do-such-a-thing”.

Angie xxx


4 thoughts on “walking the forest

  1. I think you did very well to walk as far as you did. I get vertigo too and it's horrible! Well done for cleaning up the rubbish. I just can't believe some people! How could you desecrate such a beautiful place like that? If you're going to drive somewhere to dump your rubbish why not drive to the tip? Unbelievable!


  2. I am sorry they were dumping. People are bad here about throwing bottles and the like out their windows on our road. Frustrating. We are so rural I think they think it doesn't matter, but it drives me nuts when I go running and have to look at all that litter.


  3. You should be proud of yourself for trying, Angie. That is very good. Next time, you'll go further. It's too bad about the rubbish. I hate littering. I hope you have a good week.


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